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Summer Sunday by TheGermanEngine
Summer Sunday
Sometimes you just need a nitrogen style steam skirt to cover up your unfinished work.

Models by explosivecookie, Camscott and Myself

Route by KnapfordHarbour 

I haven't been that active because everyone has a life blah blah

In other news...

I have been planning to make my RWS models so that they have changing liveries while it also being possible to switch between smokebox door version and multiple 3D faces. Both of this is covered by the script as is used by Si3D et al. However because of the multiple liveries, I wouldn't be able to also have controllable eye positions. I've been trying to make a custom script that would make this work but I honestly don't understand TRAINZ Script well enough to do so.

So if I were to (hypothetically) release my models, I would just leave out the eye position feature (I don't really find it that important anyways). But I just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone has a brilliant idea on how you could include the feature or any other opinions on the matter.

What Culdee've been... by TheGermanEngine
What Culdee've been...
I was inspired by this guy a while back to make a model of what Culdee might have looked like had he appeared in the TV Series and since for once I actually had almost nothing else to do, I threw this together. 

The model is not build in a way that it would be easily transferred to trainz so don't expect anything

Enjoy :)

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Have you thought of donating some of your money and/or working as a modeler into this interesting video game called Titanic Honor and Glory?:
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